Unconditional Love from the Man’s Best Friend

Homeless-man-loving-and-holding-his-dog « davidheitman1
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The picture above warms and breaks my heart at the same time. I can almost feel my tears welling up my eyes.

A homeless man with his dog. What are they to do without each other?

A poignant portrayal of Love and Hope.

Your dog loves you unconditionally. Be you a rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief.

It’s time to love it back and become its best friend.

The Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap is just a humble bar of soap to your human eye.

But alas, such a treat to your faithful, scratchy fido whose innocently generous soul will love you further a million times more.

About mansbestfriendsoap

Australian Handmade & Chemically-free Medicated Soap for all Animals Big & Small.
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