The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap (ABN: 92 347 274 314) is founded in June 2012.  We are a proud exclusive distributor for Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Canberra, Australia, as well as an international online retailer of the Man’s Best Friend Natural Soap for soap-maker, Elsa Robyn of The House of de Carteret  based in New South Wales, Australia. The House of de Carteret produces, distributes and retails a wide range of natural handmade soaps for both pets and humans  under various brand labels locally and internationally. The “Man’s Best Friend Natural Soap” is  one of the labels owned by the House of de Carteret.

My name is Connie Ng and I am passionate to share with you the wonderful story of how the Man’s Best Friend Natural Dog Soap has helped tremendously transformed my dog, Brandy.   A rescued dog, Brandy came with a number of ailments including sores, dry, flaky skin and coarse fur that could not stop shedding.  She couldn’t stop scratching herself, which led to further bleeding and discomfort. A chance encounter with Elsa at the local markets, we were introduced to her special Man’s Best Friend Natural Dog Soap. After a couple of washes, the medicated soap had shown significant results in soothing and healing Brandy’s flaky and sensitive skin, as well as restoring the lustre appearance and softness of her skin.  Her scratching was greatly reduced and her previously coarse fur has since stopped shedding. Brandy now often gets compliments of how soft her fur is (if only they know what a long way she has come to her current state). Previously, we tried a number of shampoos and remedies on top of a healthy, organic diets but was met with little direct results for Brandy’s skin condition until the Man’s Best Friend Natural Soap came along. So if your pet is suffering from similar skin problems, please read on.

Brandy- we adopted this lovely 9-year-old dog (Wiry Jack Russell Terrier Cross) on 9th April 2011 from Canberra Pooch Rescue. Brandy was on death row in the Haweskbury Pound (NSW)  and was fortunately rescued to Canberra. Such a sweetie she is and we never look back having such a beautiful princess. Finders Keepers!:D

We stock the Man’s Best Friend Natural Soap, a traditional handmade soap for animals created from a recipe handed down by an old Australian country vet in the early 1900s using a combination of natural oils and essential oils before chemicals were used.

100% chemical-free, this natural soap contains no artificial brighteners, hardeners, lathering agents, phosphates and animal fats. This labour intensive soap-making process by this small family business has been made with love & knowledge passed down from generation to generation, dating back to the 18th century in France.

This recipe will give your dog or pet a noticeably healthier and shinier coat. It will also help soothe and contain most skin irritations, thus stopping your pet from biting and scratching which disrupts the healing process. The natural essential oils will also keep pests like fleas, flies, biting insects and ticks away, whilst it nourishes and heals the skin.

With a PH level complimentary to animals’ skin, this medicated animal soap has enjoyed great success with pets suffering from skin allergies and sensitive skin.

Suitable for all pets and animals including dogs, horses, cat, rabbits, ferrets, goats, sheep, cow etc.

Eco-friendly and economical, this is the best kept secret formula to maintain the overall well-being of your beloved pets.

Be your animal’s best friend today and stock up on The Mans Best Friend Natural Soap now! Your pet will love you for it.

***P.S. In loving memory to Prissy, our late rescued dog & our love for all strays and rescues for the immense joy, love & humility they have brought to mankind, AUD$1 of every soap sale made will be put aside in a small fund to be donated periodically to different nominated dog shelters in Singapore and Canberra, Australia. Check our website for updates.  May every man find his best friend in a stray dog.

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