Company Profile & Business Principles

The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap (ABN: 92 347 274 314) is  founded in June 2012 by Connie Ng as a proud online retailer and distributor of Australian made and 100% natural quality pet products. It is based in Canberra, Australia.

The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap was founded on sheer serendipity.  As Connie had previously enjoyed success with Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap for her own dog, Brandy, she decided to share her experience with a Singaporean pet shelter.  Her response to a shared link on the Madam Wong’s Animal Shelter and Friends and eventual donation of The Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soaps to the shelter for an abandoned dog, Nikki with severe dermatitis had generated interested enquiries for the soap. Thus, the Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap was borne initially as an online retail business ( to reach an international customer base for pet owners looking for a natural and holistic alternative to treating and maintaining the well-being of pets with skin allergies.

Connie is currently (as at April 2013) studying for a Statement of Achievement in Natural Health Care for Animals (BAG218) recognised by the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA).

The business philosophy of The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap is founded on four core principles of bringing awareness to Mankind based on Compassion, Charity, Holistic Care and loving the Environment:

  • Compassion: Adopt don’t buy.  As an avid animal lover, Connie is an advocator of pet rescue work as there are many stray or abandoned animals out there to be saved. She practices Compassion by only adopting typically adult or senior rescued pets instead of buying them from breeders and shops. The business hopes that Mankind will practice kindness and respect the sanctity of Life through the meritorious privilege of practicing responsible pet ownership.  Humans can benefit from learning compassion from pets’ magnanimity as epitomised by their unconditional love and loyal companionship to their masters. May every man find a best friend in a stray animal.
  • Charity: The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap was founded on the basis of funding for Connie’s passion in making her own little contribution to animal shelter and rescue work.

The business supports self-funded animal shelters with volunteers who are out there tirelessly saving animal lives.  In loving memory of her late dog, Prissy, AUD$1 from each bar of soap sold online will be put aside in a small fund to be donated periodically to different nominated dog shelters in Singapore and Canberra, Australia.

  • Holistic Care: Aim for natural alternatives and reduce chemicals in one’s system within daily life. To promote overall well-being, the ancient wisdom of traditional medicine focused on re-balancing physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalances. The body is a self-healing entity and the abundance of Mother Earth’s natural resources is there to nourish your mind, body and soul. The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap only stocks 100% chemical-free pet products using only high quality natural ingredients Nature has to offer.
  • Environment: Love and Respect the Earth. Mother Nature’s resources will eventually be depleted if a socially responsible approach to consumption is not practiced by Mankind. Cut down on excessiveness and consumerism. The company stocks products like the Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap which is hand-made in a bar form with minimal use of machinery in its production. Its stocked products are also minimally packaged in eco-friendly or bio-degradable material to minimise the carbon footprint. Soap products as such not only reduces packaging but also last longer compared to a bottle of shampoo, thus reducing consumption of the world’s limited natural resources. Re-use, recycle and re-new.

The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap is currently an exclusive distributor of the Man’s Best Friend Medicated Dog Soap and Man’s Best Friend Medicated Horse Soap for Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Canberra, Australia.

In order to bring about further awareness based on its four core business principles and to add value to the pet industry, The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap is constantly finding new ways to increase its worldwide distribution channels with quality tried and tested pet products with proven successful results.

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