Australians- Step up to the Carbon Challenge 2012 today with your X’mas Shopping!


Christmas 2012 is less than two months away. It is the time of the year where you are probably thinking what presents you should be buying for your beloved friends and family?

My thoughts are to keep it simple and buy something useful or recycelable. Although tis the season to be giving, be aware that your consumption is not going to end up giving too much of Mother Earth away. Take this opportunity to  source for good quality and unique presents by doing your bit. Support positive initiatives  and local handmade markets by buying local, organic, eco-friendly and Fair Trade goods to reduce your carbon footprint and prevent your gifts from ending up in landfills or trash piles.

The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap is proud to be invited to be a stallholder at this year’s Eco-Elves Night Market in Canberra organised by the Canberra Environment Centre. The details are as follows:

Date: 7th December

Time: 4.30pm-9.30pm

Venue: Canberra Environment Centre, Cnr Lawson Crescent & Lennox Crossing, Acton (by the National Museum)

For more details, please click on the image above.

We will be stocking up on your pets’ favourite Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap, as well as Down the Lane Goats Milk Soap for humans.

All the soaps we stock are handmade  the traditional French soap-making method as our soap-maker hails from a line of soap-makers dated back to the 18th Century in France. All soaps that we carry are 100% natural with no chemicals, artificial brighteners, latherers or perfumes. You will not find cheap carrier oils such as palm oil in their production.  Our soaps will not leave a mess of soap scums in your shower that may also be potentially toxic in the sewage system leading to the harm of marine life.  They are also highly suitable for both pets and humans with sensitive skin.

As an ethical and environmentally-conscious business, you will find that our packaging is kept simple to minimise our carbon footprint.

Show your support in saving the Earth through taking a more socially responsible approach in shopping and we hope to see you at the Eco-Elves Night Market!

About mansbestfriendsoap

Australian Handmade Natural Soap for all Animals Big and Small. An early 1900s Old Traditional Country Vet recipe.
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