Is your dog obsessed with scratching and licking its paw?

We have the perfect solution for you.

The Man’s Best Friend Medicated Dog Soap is your pet’s best friend. Handmade with a secret blend of nine natural oils and essential oils and chemically free from any synthetic ingredients or animal fats, you will notice a difference in your dog’s licking behaviour.

Eco-friendly and economical, it beats spending expensive cortisone or steroid creams that will have longer term side effects for your dog from prolonged use.

Often, the simple solution is just out there in the abundance of Mother Nature.

Why not contact us and pick up a bar of the Man’s Best Friend Medicated Dog Soap?

You and your beloved pet will be glad you did!

About mansbestfriendsoap

Australian Handmade Natural Soap for all Animals Big and Small. An early 1900s Old Traditional Country Vet recipe.
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