To market, to market to buy the Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap…

The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap made its debut at the Hall Markets in Canberra on 2nd September 2012.

That’s me with Bearbie, the red toy poodle.

Joe with Brandy (my beloved baby) and Bearbie showing support to the Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap at the Hall Markets.


With the arrival of Australian Spring, the Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap made its market debut of selling the Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap last Sunday, 2nd September. We were at the Hall Markets in Canberra, which is held on the first Sunday of each month, except January.

The Hall Markets held at the Hall Showground has always been a nice family affair where kids and adults alike will come to shop for the latest fresh produce , livestock, handmade ware and handicrafts brought here by local and regional farmers and artisans. Leashed pooches are a common sight as the market is highly pet-friendly and you will find many dedicated stores for people’s dedicated pooches and pets like mine selling their wares that can range from pet accessories to home-made pet treats.

The weather was lovely and sunny at 17 degree celsius, not bad for the start of Spring in cold, cold Canberra. The turnout was great. At least three hundred people must have walked past our little stall and by 11am, the crowd was packing into the markets filled with fresh produce and handmade products.

The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap must have handed out some 200 plus Man’s Best Friend Medicated free soap samples. By noon, we have run out of samples to hand out and still had people coming up to enquire what this soap was all about in terms of helping to rid their pets of itching, flaking and skin irritations. We have encountered at least a couple of people who have heard and used the soap in the past  buying them from inter-state and have commented how good they were and were glad the soaps have now arrived in Canberra. Previously, they would have to drive at least two hours away in the South Coast to pick up a bar for their beloved pet.

We sold at least ten bars of soap, which wasn’t bad for a first time at the markets. We expect more to come in the next Hall Markets with the arrival of Spring . And because we are so confident with the Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap and its wonderful healing properties from traditional veterinary  wisdom in the early 1900s before chemicals were used, we  know pet owners will come back for more after trying out our soap samples. For the latest customer testimonials, take a look here.

Spring is here and so are the fleas and ticks. If you are looking for a natural alternative to keep fleas and ticks away from your beloved pets, why not grab a bar of Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap? Your pet will love you for it!

The Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap is currently available for sale at the HALL MARKETS in Canberra, held every 1st Sunday of each month (except January).

If you live in Canberra, Australia or its surrounding region, come say hi and get a FREE SAMPLE to try on your pet.

The next Hall Markets is on 6th October 2012 (Sunday) from 10am- 3pm.

Address: Hall Showground/Gladstone Street  Hall ACT 2618

Hope to see you there!:)

About mansbestfriendsoap

Australian Handmade Natural Soap for all Animals Big and Small. An early 1900s Old Traditional Country Vet recipe.
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