How The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap came about

I love animals and even more so, I love dogs. After all, they are Man’s best friend.

Dogs rule in my household.

So it started a month ago that I was looking at the Madam Wong Shelter & Friends that I came across the plight of Nikki. Nikki was a shitzu with the worst dermatitis. He was given up for his bad skin as his ignorant owner decided to bath him in Dettol everyday. The pictures broke my heart. He looked miserable with his dry, sore and broken skin.

Suffice to say, I knew I needed to put in my two cents’ worth on what could be done in the interim to help Nikki feel better and heal his skin.

I recalled the poor condition of 10- year old Brandy’s skin and fur when she first came to our house in April 2011. Her fur was coarse and hair was constantly falling. She had dandruff on her skin littered with warts and lumps. Some of those lumps and bums were slightly bleeding or oozing with pus. The stem of her tail was swollen with skin infections and allergies from flea bites after years of neglect.

The first thing we did of course, was to take her to the vet. Then an organic diet of fresh meat and vegetables were in place, coupled with homeopathy remedies, essential oil treatments and accupuncture. Her progress was steady but slow. Brandy’s fur started to become softer but she still had dermatitis and her skin continued to look red and sore. She was still scratching, which further led to further bleeding and irritation to her open wounds.

In October 2011, a chance encounter with Elsa, the soap-maker of The House of de Carteret at the local fair, she introduced me to the  Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap which she nade. She gave me a small sample and told me to use it on my dog. She assured me that it will take away her itching and I would see an improvement in her skin and fur. I didn’t think much about it but decided to give it a shot.

As we outsource Brandy’s grooming and bathing to our pet groomer who comes to our house every fortnight, I instructed him to use the soap on Brandy. It was a set and forget thing. Surprisingly, the teeny weeny soap sample lasted for a few months. Towards the end of the year, I took notice that Brandy’s fur and skin have indeed improved. She has the fluffiest and softest fur now and she stopped having a major scratching problem. The dandruff have gone away too. Some of the open wounds healed whilst the stubborn ones that was infected with pus was surgically removed. So there, the Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap worked for my sweetpea!

Now, back to Nikki at the Madam Wong’s Shelter and Friends. I decided to post on the site about the Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap to direct pet owners and the shelter volunteers to Elsa’s website regarding the soap. Being a self funded shelter with a no kill policy and very high overheads to run it, I didn’t think anyone would take the initiative to order this soap online. The Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap was only sold in Australia. I decided to donate the two unopened bars I had bought for Brandy to the shelter first since each 150g bar could easily last a smallish 7.5kg dog like Brandy for more than a year. And since I was coming back home to Singapore in early July, I would buy a stack to donate to the shelter.

My comments on the Madam Wong’s Shelter and Friends Facebook wall generated interest about the soap. Someone wrote to me and asked how she could order it. My first order was for a dozen soaps.

The lightbulb came that moment. Why don’t I distribute and sell the soap into Singapore where I grew up and in Canberra, Australia where I now live? What better way to fund for my charity interests? Every $1 from each bar of soap will go into a fund which I would take out periodically to donate to local self-funded animal shelters of my choice? Voila! It felt like a Eureka moment. I felt a rush in my adrenalin.

I have been thinking for while now. My ultimate goal is to buy land in Australia that can be used for organic farming, have a wonderful animal sanctuary for dogs where they will have fresh organic food as their main diet, a wholistic vet centre on site for shelter dogs and open to the public to fund for upkeeping the shelter. And collect fur from my beautiful dogs to spin into yarn and knit them into socks and jumpers to fund for the shelter. Re-train some of the dogs that cannot be adopted as therapy dogs to bring awareness and provide comfort to sick patients, elderly people in nursing homes and young children. Now this will go into my bucket list of “Things to do I die”. My vision sounds like a mammoth undertaking but I reckon I got to start from somewhere to finally get there at one day. I didn’t know how but I knew I needed to get started.

So without further ado, I got in touch with Elsa and the rest has been history.

It just took one little dog, Nikki to inspire me. The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap was founded. I hope to introduce The Man’s Best Friend Soap to the world, help dogs and bring compassion to Mankind. So please help us help dogs if you know of anyone’s pet who could benefit from it.

Baby steps, I tell myself will get me somewhere. At aged 33, I am beginning to become awareness of my own mortality. I lost two friends unexpectedly from cancer this year and who knows what the future has in store for me?

So now that I have shared my ultimate vision with you readers, perhaps it’s time to ask what you want out of your life?

When there’s a will, there is always a way. May abundance guide you in your life journey and lead you to where you always want to be.

About mansbestfriendsoap

Australian Handmade Natural Soap for all Animals Big and Small. An early 1900s Old Traditional Country Vet recipe.
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2 Responses to How The Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap came about

  1. monika adamowicz says:

    i have been using the mans best friend soap every 2 days for the past week on my kelpie x staffie gypsy,who had developed a yeast infection and had red hot itchy paws and greasy musty smelling has helped enormously with the irritated skin she has been scratching at till it bleeds.i have also added omega 3s to her diet,probiotics and a vitamin and mineral supplement.i have also been giving her coat a light dusting with an organic aluminium free bi carb is the strongest anti fungal on the planet and helps kill the yeast infection rather quickly.but this routine must be followed for over a month to completely wipe out the yeast.gypsy has always had a raw meat diet.but she was also having grain kibble which i have now switched to a grain free variety.i will continue with the extra supplements i have now added to her diet.

    • Hi Monica, thanks for the feedback and apologies for the late reply. as it has gone to spam! I will post your comments under the customer testimonials so that I can share what you have done for your dog in terms of diet. I am glad it is helping and I am so pleased to hear that you have embraced a natural diet for Gypsy as I am a big believer of that when I had my two lovely rescued dogs. If your dog has dandruff, you may want to consider adding olive oil to its diet. You will see improvements too!:D

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