Man’s Best Friend Animal Soap Introduction- is your dog or pet suffering from dry, flaky & itchy skin?

Is your dog or pet suffering from DRY, FLAKY or ITCHY SKIN and ALLERGIES?

Traditional handmade soap for animals created from a recipe handed down by an old Australian country vet from the early 1900s using a combination of natural oils and essential oils.

100% chemical-free, this medicated soap contains no artificial brighteners, hardeners, lathering agents, phosphates and animal fats. This labour intensive soap-making process by this small family business has been made with love & knowledge passed down from generation to generation, dating back to the 18th century in France.

This recipe will give your dog or pet a noticeably healthier and shinier coat. It will also help soothe and contain most skin irritations, thus stopping your pet from biting and scratching which disrupts the healing process. The natural essential oils will also keep pests like flies, biting insects and ticks away, whilst it nourishes and heals the skin.

With a PH level complimentary to animals’ skin, this medicated animal soap has great success with pets suffering from skin allergies and sensitive skin, including my own dog, Brandy. Hence, my passion to share it with all of you as a proud distributor of Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap.

Suitable for all pets and animals including dogs, horses, cat, rabbits, ferrets, goats, sheep, cow etc.

Eco-friendly and economical, this is the best kept secret formula to maintain the overall well-being of your beloved pets.

Be your animal’s best friend today and stock up on The Man’s Best Friend Medicated Soap now! Your pet will love you for it.

Man’s Best Friend Medicated Dog Soap (150g) – AUD$12.00
Man’s Best Friend Medicated Horse Soap (260g) – AUD$25.00

***P.S. In loving memory to Prissy, our late rescued dog & our love for all strays and rescues for the immense joy, love & humility they have brought to mankind, AUD$1 of every bar of soap sold online here will be put aside in a small fund to be donated periodically to different nominated dog shelters in Singapore and Canberra, Australia. Check our website for updates.  May every man find its best friend in a stray dog.


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